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The Fairy

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Re: The Fairy

Postby moogdroog » 22 Dec 2008, 15:56

Another quick sketch, inspired by a mix of Mrs Trunchbull and er, Eddie Izzard. Clap your hands if you believe in fairies!

(and you really *don't* want to know what she's holding behind her back)

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Re: The Fairy

Postby Áthas » 17 Feb 2009, 19:26

Something struck me while watching the YouTube video. When watching ballet, I am always in awe at how graceful and sensual the dancers are, while never having a even a slightly sordid, or overtly sexual note to the movements. I think ballet dancing, and other forms of classical dance, gives us a glimpse of how beautiful and sensual the human body can be. Perhaps dance, in this pure and skilled form, is a shadow movement of the dances in heaven - a pale reflection of the 'true reality' of dance itself. Similarly, beautiful musical pieces that seek to touch upon something of heavenly glory are shadows of the praise music - or of music itself - in heaven. Mm, perhaps that relates to THS in some way :snow-smile: well, at least the Lewisian idea that things beautiful and things pleasurable in this world are weak echoes of their true, divine correlations, their 'actual' reality in heaven. In that way a wonderful piece of art, or a beautifully performed dance, are things capable of inferring, or indicating, this kind of 'heavenly' glimpse to the observer.

I had similar thoughts when watching it. That's why I love to dance - although I'll never be good enough to be a professional dancer and am too old for that, too (24). :wink:
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