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A dialogue....

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A dialogue....

Postby Erekose » 04 Jul 2008, 22:49

I was watching a DVD the other night, and a bit of dialogue caught my ear.

It was from the latest Babylon 5 DVD "The Lost Tales". the first segment "Voices In the Dark: Over Here"

The premise is a worker on Babylon 5 appears to be possessed by a demonic form. And insists on being exorcised. His argument is that with Mans advancement into space and finding no Seraphims and Agels, would lead to a loss of faith. So God seeded space with demons. The existance of such being prove for the existance of God.

A priest sent to Babylon 5 is in a qunadry over the correct course of action.

Commander lockley ends up having a dialogue (more a monologue) with the possessed man (or rather the demon within) as she figures out what the demons intent is.

For some reason it put me in mind of the Trilogy, and in particular THS . Sort of.. what might have happened, had the events of OTS and VTV/P never occurred.

So much so in fact that I even went to the trouble of transcribing (badly) the entire bit. Everything is spoken by Lockley, except for the bit in "<" and ">" which is what the demon replies.

Just thought I'd post it to see if anyone else gets same sort of resonance.

On the way here, Father Cassidy told me he’s decided to go ahead and perform the exorcism now, even if it means putting his soul at risk. That would amuse you, wouldn’t it? Making him live with that fear.

Too bad it’s not going to happen.

You almost had us convinced we only had two choices. Perform the exorcism here and now, or wait.. . But there’s a third option. Sending you somewhere else!

After all, you didn’t possess Simon when he was here, did you? No, no, you moved in while he was back on Earth


I saw the ships records. You were there. Your presence was felt by her crew. But you kept a low profile. Why? And how could you possess him on Earth, if you were bound out here among the stars waiting for us? Do you know what I think? I think you can’t leave Earth on your own. I think you’re trapped there, not here. The only way you could slip out was by ‘hitch-hiking’ inside Simon. You’re going to be exorcised alright, but not here. We’re sending you back to Earth.

Back to your cage. You know, when I was a little girl, I remember reading how Heaven was Above, and Hell was Below. It never made much sense to me because if Hell was underground, then, where was it?

The truth is much simpler, isn’t it? When you fell, you got cast down, but cast down to Earth, trapped on Earth. Denied the Heavens. Denied the sky. Denied the stars. Earthbound.

Yours was no divine mission. It was an ecclesiastical jailbreak! The only way that you could escape Earth was to crawl inside the skin and hitch-hike out here amongst the stars, and then do everything you could to make sure you got cast out by a Servant of God, here in the stars.It was the only way you could slip your bonds, escape the inevitable.

You see, the day will come when the last of us leave Earth behind for other worlds, because we know another day will come, a far off distant day, when the sun will burn out in blaze. The sky will go black, the seas will boil, the ground will turn to ash, consumed by a brilliant light. Any of this sounding familiar to you?

And on that day, trapped on Earth with no escape, you and your kind will at last come to an end. But the Heavens will remain, and so will we. A new start. A new… Universe. A new… dream. And you… you don’t belong in that dream.


I’ll be here!

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