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Hideous Strength Chapter 7

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Hideous Strength Chapter 7

Postby sheparj2 » 09 Feb 2009, 03:15

I have read this portion several times and even tried searching around on the internet to find some commentary. I am wondering if anyone else has had trouble understanding was Lewis was trying to say here. "Do you not know how bashful friendship is? Friends-comrades-do not look at each other. Friendship would be ashamed..." I understand the context (I think): equality has no place in genuine relationship. But I really don't understand the above sentence... any thoughts?
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Re: Hideous Strength Chapter 7

Postby pgv100 » 09 Feb 2009, 14:22

I think that this piece of text may be clearer in context of having read "The Four Loves."

That being said, I will try to summarize.
Lewis called friendship the type of relationship which is characterized by that moment when one says "Oh? You also? I thought I was the only one." To paraphrase another illustration he used:
Friendship can be thought of where two are standing shoulder to shoulder focused on something else. This is in contrast to lovers who stand face to face.

Quick note about the above. Lewis made sure to point out that that this metaphor should not be pressed any farther than to help tell the two apart.

Also, it is important to differentiate between friends and companions. Companions are people that you find doing some common activity or sharing a common space. Companions are of the same form that friends are, but they are not as fully integrated with you as a friend is.

Now that we have a little background (Very little, please just read the book... haha).
Friendship, at its heart, is not directly concerned with the other person. It is passionate about the common ground. What happens in friendship is that: the individual looks at his friends being passionate about his passions and he feels that he is in excellent company. There can be such an admiration that one can wonder what was done to deserve such a good thing. I think that this is the bashfulness that he's referring to. That as soon as you stop focusing on the object which friendship is centered on, you can become aware that you don't deserve such good company.

Hope that helps.
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