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Fairy Hardcastle/ Morgan Le Fay

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Fairy Hardcastle/ Morgan Le Fay

Postby EvaInnocent » 19 Nov 2009, 01:44

In That Hideous Strength, the character Fairy Hardcastle seems to bear conspicuous resemblance to Morgan Le Fay from Arthurian legend. As C.S. Lewis is an expert in this area, and THS is such a complex book, it seems quite possible that The Fairy is based off of Morgan. Morgan Le Fay is a very interesting figure, and I am wondering whether any of you have thoughts on this. :smile: Thank you
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Re: Fairy Hardcastle/ Morgan Le Fay

Postby Theophilus » 19 Nov 2009, 16:44

This seems to be a reasonable assumption since the book is filled with so many other allusions to the Arthurian legend. It is one that had never occurred to me.
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