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Humor in the Screwtape Letters

Comprising most of Lewis' writings.

Humor in the Screwtape Letters

Postby lewisfan59 » 16 Sep 2009, 16:46

Hii -glad to have found this website-I find the writing in SL to have a humorous undertone-serious though it is!

lf :smile:
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Re: Humor in the Screwtape Letters

Postby Sven » 16 Sep 2009, 20:34

Welcome, lf!

Personally, I find it howlingly funny.
Rat! he found breath to whisper, shaking. Are you afraid?
Afraid? murmured the Rat, his eyes shining with unutterable love.
Afraid! Of Him? O, never, never! And yet -- and yet -- O, Mole, I am afraid!
Then the two animals, crouching to the earth, bowed their heads and did worship.
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