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Children's Theater Productons of Lion, Witch & Wardrobe

Children's Theater Productons of Lion, Witch & Wardrobe

Postby PKRS » 11 Nov 2004, 23:20

Help. I've been asked to design the set for our community children's theater production of the Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe next month. I've read the script of the play but have never seen it produced. Would anybody here know of someone online who's done this show before & could give me some pointers on how to stage it? Anyone have pictures of former shows to see how they split the stage up? Thanks

Re: Children's Theater Productons of Lion, Witch & Wardr

Postby Sven » 11 Nov 2004, 23:49

The Trumpets Theater in Manila did an authorized production a couple of years ago. You can see some pics of the show at Trumpets LWW .


Hope this helps.

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Re: Children's Theater Productons of Lion, Witch & Wardr

Postby carol » 12 Nov 2004, 04:31

The productions I've seen (3?) tended to use the main set as Narnia (add or take away trucks or flats for different parts of Narnia), the front of the stage (a tab scene in front of a drawn curtain, giving about six feet depth) for the various places in the Professor's house, and a wardrobe on one side (usually the right) as a way between them.

Various Narnian bits came on from the left, except the WW always seemed to come from the right.... sets have to be based on what the director (and/or choreographer) wants to do on stage, and also whose script you are using. Your budget will no doubt have an effect on the complexity of what you plan too!
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Re: Children's Theater Productons of Lion, Witch & Wardr

Postby PKRS » 12 Nov 2004, 22:45

Carol & Sven,

Thanks so much for your help ... Right now I'm thinking a 20 foot painted backdrop stage left (w/ snow covered pines, mountains & the castle in the far background) ... & a 6 x 8 ft riser carrying the wardrobe (surrounded by flats to mimic walls for the "spare room") stage right ... the children crawl thru the wardrobe & then enter "Narnia" from behind a 4 ft flat w/ painted trees in front of the backdrop ... I get the design finished I'll try to post a pix ...


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