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seek hopelessly THE LION THE WITCH &THE WARDROBE 1979

seek hopelessly THE LION THE WITCH &THE WARDROBE 1979

Postby steph » 26 Nov 2004, 09:24

hello I am has the search for this animated drawing which
rocked my youth hopelessly its title is THE LION THE WITCH &THE
WARDROBE 1979 the French version I seek that for a very long time but
without succé please if somebody connait a means to have that I will
kindly request to him to answer me so that I can buy that before Christmas I
board the wish that you answer me has soon

Re: seek hopelessly THE LION THE WITCH &THE WARDROBE 197

Postby john » 26 Nov 2004, 09:33

No problem, Steph:


(mind you, I don't give any guarantees to the reliability of the seller...I just did a quick search and found this)

EDIT: Oops...I read your post too fast, sorry. I didn't see that you wanted it in French. It's possible that the DVD has it in French, but I'm not sure of your location, so perhaps neither the DVD nor the VHS would be compatible with your system.
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