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Joy Gresham

Joy Gresham

Postby laurel » 28 Nov 2004, 18:04

I would enjoy reading the entire poem from which Joy Greshaman quoted to C.S. Lewis in Shadowlands. It was about a snow storm during a battle. Any ideas? Thanks

Re: Joy Gresham

Postby JenK » 28 Nov 2004, 20:05


I find this:

Snow in Madrid

Softly so casual
Lovely so light
So light
The cruel sky lets fall something
One does not fight
Men, before perishing, see with unwounded eye for once
A gentle thing falls from the sky.

but that seems to me to be the same as what is quoted in the movie. I don't know if there is more. . . . Jen

Re: Joy Gresham

Postby JenK » 28 Nov 2004, 20:10

p.s. I am finding alternate line breaks and a different text that gives the singular "fall," which probably works better?

Men before perishing
See with unwounded eye
For once a gentle thing
Fall from the sky


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