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Questions about the movies

Questions about the movies

Postby aslan » 23 Jul 2004, 21:44

So all the books that lewis wrote.. were they made into movies? The 3 set dvd one only has 3 disks.. so I'm thinking you cant get the other ones on tape or something...?

Re: Questions about the movies

Postby loeee » 24 Jul 2004, 01:35

Aslan (my, what a big name you have chosen!), do you mean the BBC production that was shown in the States on "Wonderworks"? As far as I know, they only did three episodes, with the second being a combination of Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

There are some good audio versions out, but not movies, as far as I know.
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Re: Questions about the movies

Postby carol » 26 Jul 2004, 08:03

Actually, each of the productions you are speaking of was a 6-part serial made for the BBC children's programming.

LWW had an intro programme and then 6 episodes, & was made in late 87-early 88. It was shown in UK in late 1988.

PC/VDT was made (I think) the following year, and shown in late 89, with SC following in 1990, as it was shown in NZ in mid 1991.

These three went together as they had carry-over cast, with all four of the Pevensie children in the first half of PC/VDT, then just Lucy & Edmund plus Eustace in the second half. After that we had Eustace alone plus Jill in the third series (SC).

(If you want to know about the new films being made, you may want to look over at, which is a sister site to this one, very much focussed on news of the new films.)
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