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C.S. Lewis Tour

C.S. Lewis Tour

Postby ShireAdmirer » 24 Jul 2004, 20:31

Hello to all. My husband and I are making a trip to England to see a friend get married. While we are there, we are planning on visiting Oxford and Cambridge. Some of the sites I have explored in planning our trip list a C.S. Lewis tour by Ron Brind..."a childhood friend of Doug Gresham"). I have no desire to see some touristy, inaccurate, representation of C.S.Lewis' home and life. However, I can hardly visit England without seeing some of the places where he worked and/or lived. Does anyone know if this Ron Brind guy is just exploiting the naive C.S. Lewis fan or the real deal?

Re: C.S. Lewis Tour

Postby Guest » 24 Jul 2004, 20:48

Hallo ShireAdmirer-!

I haven't heard of Ron Brind so I couldn't say whether he is 'the real deal' or not. However, Douglas Gresham's email address is available in the Wardrobe helpful contacts section (it is: so perhaps it would be worthwhile emailing him and asking if Mr Brind was a friend of his?

Hope it all goes well for you!


Re: C.S. Lewis Tour

Postby a_hnau » 09 Aug 2004, 19:29

Hi there! If you have a little time to spare, I'd also recommend a visit to Hay-on-Wye (Herefordshire) - it's a beautiful part of England, and has two other things to recommend it; firstly, the Golden Valley is near here (mentioned in Shadowlands, and a place where Lewis and Joy visited), and secondly, Hay is the home of the largest collection of second-hand bookshops almost anywhere - my wife and I visit virtually every year, and it's a fantastic place to pick up books both related to Lewis and not - from cheap second hand paperback copies to rare editions, depending on your budget (ours is always blown virtually straight away!)

Enjoy your trip!

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