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Postby Matthew RJ » 23 Mar 2006, 13:10

I think it's in Letters to Malcolm (one of the few Lewis books I don't have) ... a quote about fasting to the effect of "a missed meal if taken the right way can be seen as a fast"

Does anyone have the exact quote for me?
Matthew RJ

re: Fasting

Postby Sven » 23 Mar 2006, 20:56

Welcome, Matthew!

Close on the quote, miss on the source. It's from Letters to an American Lady, the 10 August 1953 letter:

C. S. Lewis wrote:We are told that even those tribulations which fall upon us by necessity, if embraced for Christ's sake, become as meritorious as voluntary sufferings and every missed meal can be converted into a fast if taken in the right way.

Hope this helps.

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