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the last battle

the last battle

Postby breanna » 24 Mar 2006, 06:48

how did puzzle fell about meeting Aslan? what was aslans response to puzzle?

re: the last battle

Postby breanna » 24 Mar 2006, 07:27

yo plz help me i really need it

re: the last battle

Postby carol » 24 Mar 2006, 13:20

Breanna, please read the book. (Does your teacher just want you to ask for the answers? surely she wants you to think for yourself)
Research does not mean just asking for the answer. You will find commentaries and useful discussions on a number of sites about Narnia.
A good idea is to try using the "Search" button on the forum and on the main menu at the top.
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re: the last battle

Postby jo » 24 Mar 2006, 13:59

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