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The chronicles as a liteary term , technique ,narrative

The chronicles as a liteary term , technique ,narrative

Postby Jayce » 30 Apr 2006, 07:45

Hi , I am doing a thesis on the chronciles of naria and my topic is specifically about the chronclies as a liteary technique.
Could somone tell me :
1. what chronilces mean ( as a liteary term, technique or narrative)
famous examples are : the martian chronciles , chronicles of raddick etc
2.maybe a link or example that shows
why cs lewis look upon himself as a chronciler
thanks alot , my other part of the thesis is relating christian symbolism and allegory to the chronciles which froms the bulk of my thesis and i have found thjose secondary sources (critical essays) I really cannot find much about how Cs lewis looks upon himslef as a chronciler and i would really apprciate if wsomeone could tell me about

re: The chronicles as a liteary term , technique ,narrative

Postby Sven » 30 Apr 2006, 12:40

Welcome, Jayce!

We can give you some place to look for your answers, but we can't answer your questions directly. As it says when you come into the forums, 'we won't do your homework for you'. The answers to your questions can be found by reading Lewis' essay 'On Three Ways of Writing for Children', found in the essay collections Of Other Worlds, Of This and Other Worlds, and On Stories. It's also in the omnibus adult edition of the Chronicles of Narnia, the one pictured below. You should be able to find one of those four books in a school or public library.


Hope this helps.

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re: The chronicles as a liteary term , technique ,narrative

Postby Arwen » 30 Apr 2006, 18:44

You know, it doesn't hurt to do your own research.

re: The chronicles as a liteary term , technique ,narrative

Postby VixenMage » 30 Apr 2006, 19:30

:grin: *applause*

This is true. Google is always a good thing-- if you're really serious, Google-scholar. Forums aren't always a good place for information; not only do we, as the description says, have our own things to do (Some of us are still in school, and have homework of our own, some have already graduated, and don't see the need to do all that work again), but also, not all information you get off of the net is always trustworthy. People, probably not on this forum but others, will eventually have the wrong information-- it happens. You wouldn't want to get a bad grade because of something like that when you could've just done research of your own and gotten a better grade.
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