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C.S. Lewis - Humanitarian Theory of Punishment Article

C.S. Lewis - Humanitarian Theory of Punishment Article

Postby Jenna » 13 May 2006, 06:27

I am reading the article by C.S. Lewis - The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment and it's really hard to get any substantial information out of it.

What is his point on justice and punishment? Can anyone point me to any info?


Justice and Punishment

Postby Jason » 07 Nov 2006, 21:54

I dont know where to get any information on the essay, but I read it myself. Maybe this will be of some use to you...

If I understand your question correctly, Lewis argues that even a criminal has the basic right to justice. For this reason he argues for the retributive system of punishment or, as he calls it, "just deserts" (whtat the prisoner deserves as a just punishment for his crime). He feels the rehabilitative theory of punishment is unjust to the criminal because any rehabilitation to which the criminal is subjected would be compulsory, thereby depriving him of his right to choice.

I'm getting this from the 3rd and 4th paragraphs, especially the fourth paragrah which says "TGhe Humanitarin theory removes from punsihemt he concept of Desert. But the concept of Desert is the only connecting link between punishemnt and justice."

Hope that helps!

Justice and Punishment

Postby loeee » 11 Nov 2006, 04:31

I think if you read That Hideous Strength you might get another angle on Lewis' thoughts on this (the bits about Ivy Maggs' husband).
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