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Postby Maelgwyn » 18 May 2006, 00:37

Hey, in what ways did Lewis show servant-leadership and was he ever obliged to challenge the authorities in order to do God's work?

re: Servant-Leadership

Postby A#minor » 18 May 2006, 01:36

That sounds suspiciously like a homework or essay question. :/
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re: Servant-Leadership

Postby Guest » 18 May 2006, 01:39

It is neither of the two. Although, the information I hoped you could tell me would be used in an essay.

I no longer need to know about him challenging authorities though, I found a verse in Titus that redirected my searching. The reason I posted was that a lot of what I'm finding out is about his books and what they mean. I need actual hard examples of things he did, that exemplify Christ.

I would be greatful if you could point me in the direction of such a resource, or just give me some examples which I can further research.


re: Servant-Leadership

Postby Leslie » 18 May 2006, 01:47

I would suggest you read the biographies about him. Look under the "works" tab at the top of the page for a list of titles, under "Secondary Works".
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re: Servant-Leadership

Postby Guest » 18 May 2006, 02:06

It was here all along! I found a lot of useful info in the 'papers' section. Thanks for pointing me in that general direction.

re: Servant-Leadership

Postby Guest » 18 May 2006, 02:13

Hmm... apart from giving the majority of his salary to the poor, I'm a bit stuck. Has anybody got any suggestions?

re: Servant-Leadership

Postby Esther » 18 May 2006, 06:25

Seeking the Secret Place by Lyle Dorsett is a discussion of Lewis' spiritual life and development. It might be a helpful source to check out.
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re: Servant-Leadership

Postby carol » 18 May 2006, 06:30

Oh, I was about to tell you that he gave most of his money to charity. I recently learned that!

What about taking on his friend's family's support for many years after the friend was killed in WW1? (the Moores)
What about all the encouraging letters he wrote? 30-40 each morning...
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re: Servant-Leadership

Postby loeee » 18 May 2006, 16:54

And, of course, what he wrote is a very large part of what he did. Writing is doing something.
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