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The Fiftieth Anniversary

The Fiftieth Anniversary

Postby Reep » 20 May 2006, 15:54

What is the precise date of the very first publication of "The Last Battle" - when The Chronicles finally became complete? Since this was sometime in 1956 - is anyone planning to celebrate?
Something, may be, like "NARNIA INDEPENDENCE DAY"? :D Image

re: The Fiftieth Anniversary

Postby Paul F. Ford » 21 May 2006, 00:17

March 19, 1956 (in England) and September 4, 1956 in the U.S.
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re: The Fiftieth Anniversary

Postby carol » 21 May 2006, 00:58

So, it came out exactly two months before I was born?
It's nice to share the year of my birth with this book. :)
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re: The Fiftieth Anniversary

Postby loeee » 22 May 2006, 18:32

Just four days after I was born. Of course, I didn't read it right off ;)
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re: The Fiftieth Anniversary

Postby Reep » 24 May 2006, 15:47

MARCH 19, 1956. THE BIRTHDAY OF THE CHRONICLES! Thank you, Paul! I was, of course, a little sad being two months late. I was hoping still to be able to celebrate it like we celebrated the Golden Wedding of Joy and Jack Lewis on April 23rd. Then there was even a (RC) Mass offered for both of them and for All Their Children. (It would be also very interesting to hear what others did!)

Thanks also to carol and loose. I know some will speak about "meaningless coincidences". I do not believe so. Even though their full meaning may remain for us - temporarily - hidden.

"March 19 and September 4"? March 23, 1956 my brother arrived in Rome for his wedding on April 5th - 18 days before Joy and Jack. September 1, 1956 they arrived in Oxford. On September 20, 1957 their first son was born there at Radcliffe Infirmary. Just as Joy Lewis was beginning to walk again.

None of us was aware of all this just a few months agoImage

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