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J R R Tolkein..........

J R R Tolkein..........

Postby guest » 25 Aug 2004, 06:01

I was at another website and there were some facts for our enjoyment. This one fact was that Tolkein disliked the Lion,Witch and Wardrobe so much that C S Lewis almost didn't finish the book or the series......... can anyone tell me why he disliked this book so much?


Re: J R R Tolkien..........

Postby carol » 25 Aug 2004, 09:23

It's understood that the stories weren't to Tolkien's liking.
In George Sayer's bio, "Jack", he says:

"[Lewis] had always been constructively helpful and sympathetic with Tolkien's writing, and he probably expected similar treatment. He was hurt, astonished and discouraged when Tolkien said that he thought the book was almost worthless, that it seemed like a jumble of unrelated mythologies....."
Tolkien didn't like his having put together creatures from different backgrounds/mythologies. "The effect was incongruous, and for him, painful...." Lewis argued that they existed in both their minds together, but Tolkien disagreed. "He soon gave up trying to read them. He also thought they were carelessly and superficially written. His condemnation was so severe that one suspects he envied the speed with which Jack wrote, and compared it with his own laborious method of composition."

One of the ironies of this disagreement is that so many readers are keen fans of both men and their two styles.
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Re: J R R Tolkien..........

Postby Guest » 26 Aug 2004, 01:54

Thanx Carol
for responding to my question with such depth and detail. I really appreciate it. Something that was brought to my attention is that Tolkein wrote his books with much more depth. I am curious......... what audience was Tolkein seeking with his books concerning the Hobbit and the ones that follow? The Narnia books were geared to children (my guess anywhere from 8-14 yr. olds).......... whereas TLR were for an older audience therefore the authors style of writing should be different, right!? maybe I am just rambling and not making sense.....hmmmm.... I dont know...................

Re: J R R Tolkien..........

Postby Sylvia Lee » 26 Aug 2004, 04:09

Well, actually, The Hobbit was originally written-- and published-- to be a children's book. However, I do suspect The Lord of the Rings was intended for an older audience (but then again, there is a couple of children of my acquaintance whose mother has read LotR to them every year since the oldest child was six or seven and they love it).
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Re: J R R Tolkien..........

Postby Leslie » 26 Aug 2004, 15:05

From what I have read and heard, it seems that Tolkien started writing LOTR without a view to publication at all, and was writing for himself and his (adult) friends.
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Re: J R R Tolkien..........

Postby guest » 27 Aug 2004, 02:35

Leslie that is very interesting........ thanx for sharing!

Slyvia, maybe it is just me but at age 18, i couldn't get "into" the LoTR. I am very surprised young people are so interested in them and that the books can hold their attention..............i love to read but other than CoN and A Wrinkle in Time i never was interested in "Fantasy" and "Sci-Fi" books............anywayz..........

Re: J R R Tolkien..........

Postby postodave » 26 Oct 2004, 13:25

Tolkien began writing the Lord of the Rings as a sequel to the hobbit. Originally it had a much more jocular style and the Frodo character was called Bingo Bolger Baggins. Hence the similar names for opening chapters in the two books. The book grew in the telling and given Tolkien's past record it seems quite likely that the book would never have been finished. For example when Lewis and Tolkien both decided to write some books since nothing being published was to their taste Lewis knocked up 'Out of the Silent Planet' while Tollers never finished the time travel story he began. (it drew on some of the tales later included in the Simarilian and has since been published as an unfinished work) The main reason why The Lord of the Rings was finished at all was that Lewis made Tolkien keep going. Hence Tolkien said of Lewis: 'what I owed to him was not so much influence as sheer encouragement'. If you want to know more about all this read Humphrey Carpenter's biography of Tolkien. It really is excellent. By the time you've finished it you feel as if you wrote the Lord of the Rings yourself!
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Re: J R R Tolkien..........

Postby jo » 26 Oct 2004, 13:29

Hello Dave, just wanted to say welcome to the forums :)

Bingo Bongo Baggins? Eek!
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