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Postby jocerichard » 01 Sep 2004, 15:52


Is it possible to know wich book is available in french and where I could find them? I had troubles finding the Space trilogy but I finally found it in France. I ordered it over the net. But I'd like to find the Screwtape in french and my search don't succeed.

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Jocelyn Richard

Re: Traductions

Postby PurplePen » 01 Sep 2004, 18:17

Well...I don't know French, but I think this site might help with which books are available: And it might give you the titles they were published under in France. Then, once you know the title, you can look for copies on or another book search site.

For example, The Screwtape Letters was published as Tactique du Diable in France, so using the bookfinder website for French,, gives two results for Screwtape. Go here for those: There might be other websites where you can search for French translations as well.

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Re: Traductions

Postby Karla » 01 Sep 2004, 20:27

Bonjour Jocelyn
Si tu est à Montreal, je viens de remarquer au Diocesan Book Room quelques oeuvres de Lewis en français. Il y avait tout le série de Narnia, par exemple. Je ne sais pas s'ils ont aussi Screwtape, mais tu peux toujours les téléphoner. :)
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