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A story from C. S. Lewis?

A story from C. S. Lewis?

Postby thronateeska » 16 Aug 2006, 23:49

I heard in a sermon some years ago that C. S. Lewis illustrated one notion of the will of God with a story about a little train. A little train became bored with always having to follow the tracks laid out for him. As he followed the track through the meadows, over the hills and through the valleys, he became envious of the horses, the cows and calves, and the other animals he would see roaming and frolicking freely among the flowers and grasses. One morning he decided he too wanted the freedom to frolic and play among the flowers in the meadow with the animals. Well, as we might expect, when he jumped his track he could not frolic in the meadow but only spun his wheels forward and backward going nowhere. Fortunately for the little train, there was a crane that could come and lift him back onto his track so he could get back on the way he was intended to go. DO YOU KNOW WHERE I CAN LOCATE THIS STORY IN LEWIS's WRITING?

re: A story from C. S. Lewis?

Postby A#minor » 17 Aug 2006, 02:32

I've read that book before. I don't think Lewis wrote it though.
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re: A story from C. S. Lewis?

Postby carol » 18 Aug 2006, 10:03

It sounds like the sort of story told in modern children's books - evidently the same idea (be yourself) has been around for a while!

Lewis used all sorts of things in his talks, and they are not all recorded.
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re: A story from C. S. Lewis?

Postby Erekose » 18 Aug 2006, 15:28

Something in me brain went "ding" when I read this.

I seem to recall many many moons ago reading a story (the details escape me though) about an an engine wishing to go where the tracks didn't go.

Definately NOT CSLewis though, as my memory is of one of those small childrens style of books (who knows might even have it in amongst the currently boxed up books and stuff) in much cluttered attic.

However it MUSTN'T be confused with either of the Thomas or Percy stories from The Railway Series, where the engines wondered why thet shouldn't procede past warning notices.

Nor should it be confused with the Sir Handel (or Duncan?) story about an engine jumping the tracks, from the same series.

At least I've removed 3 possiblities from the vast amount of "could-be's" :read:

/me wonders if he should add that he's seen where Sir Handel/Duncan jumped the rails
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