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CS Lewis and the Moon

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2006, 02:17
by wingedllama
I am trying to remember a line or two from an essay Lewis wrote...

Does Jack ever mention somewhere that he thinks it would be an evil if men began to build on the moon? I guess he's implying that the moon is unspoilt nature, and building on the moon would be a conquest of that nature.

I seem to remember a line or two about this in one of his essays as an aside, but not as the central thesis in that essay...I know that sounds kind of wierd you guys but I really think I am right, and I am racking my brain trying to remember it.

Does that ring a bell in anyone's head?

re: CS Lewis and the Moon

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2006, 13:15
by Sven
Lewis talks several places about space being a sort of quarantine to keep humanity away from other planets. The idea runs all through the Space Trilogy, of course. The essay you are thinking of is probably Religion and Rocketry (originally published as Will We Lose God in Outer Space?). You can read it now in the essay collections The World's Last Night or Fern-seed and Elephants. You might also look at the last part of the interview Cross-Examination, which is collected in God in the Dock.

A short quote to sum up his opinion:

C. S. Lewis wrote:written to Sister Penelope, CSMV, in response to her mentioning the prospect of space travel

21 October 1946

Yes, it is only too true. I begin to be afraid that the villains will really contaminate the moon.

Letters of C. S. Lewis, editor W. H. Lewis

For those that might not know, Sister Penelope was a Greek scholar and translator. She was a nun of the Community of St. Mary the Virgin, which was the group to which the novel Perelandra was dedicated ("Some Ladies at Wantage"). She and Lewis were quite close friends. He gave her the holoscript for The Screwtape Letters, which she was able to sell eventually for enough to completely rebuild and refurnish the order's chapel.

re: CS Lewis and the Moon

PostPosted: 20 Aug 2006, 02:50
by wingedllama
Thank you Sven!