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'Myths of the Norseman'

'Myths of the Norseman'

Postby Cuinn » 23 Aug 2006, 22:27

Hi there, for those who remember me. I'm back-ish after a few months' hiatus and hope to stay.

Anyway, I've been doing some searching for a book that was supposedly a childhood influence Lewis and have yet to turn up any valid evidence that it was, or even who it was by. The book in question is called 'Myths of the Norseman', and is referenced in a 'Heroes of the Faith' biography of C.S. Lewis. However, upon doing a search for the book, I can only find two that are similar in title: one, the edition by Roger Lancelyn Green, who was a friend of Lewis and a member of the Inklings, and the other by a H.A. Guerber.

I would first like to know if anyone can verify that any such book was indeed a childhood influence on C.S. Lewis, and, if so, who it was written by.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.


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re: 'Myths of the Norseman'

Postby Sven » 23 Aug 2006, 22:44

C. S. Lewis wrote:April 1914
I found Arthur sitting up in bed. On the table beside him lay a copy of Myths of the Norsemen.

'Do you like that?' said I.

'Do you like that?' said he.

Next moment the book was in our hands, our heads ere bent close together, we were pointing, quoting, talking--soon almost shouting--discovering in a torrent of questions that we liked not only the same thing, but the same parts of it and in the same way...
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Both Roger Green, in Jack, and Walter Hooper, in the Collected Letters volume 1, identify it as being Helene Guerber's book.

Despite being written in 1908, it's still in print, too.

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re: 'Myths of the Norseman'

Postby Dunrobin » 01 Sep 2006, 16:21

Despite being written in 1908, it's still in print, too.

That's excellent! I'm going to have to get a copy of it for myself. (Looking at that cover image, I have a sneaking suspicion that I read that book when I was a kid.)
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