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Can you help me out???

Can you help me out???

Postby stephanie » 31 Oct 2006, 14:40

hey everyone... im 16 years old and I'm doing my english book report on classical books and of course I chose the following... The lion the witch and the wardrobe as well as the last battle....

As AMAZING as the last battle is... i can't see to find ANY notes on it... i can get notes on all the other stories of Narnia however not that one and I was wondering if you guys could help me out and tell me a few of the symbols in the last battle??
for example... in the lion the witch and the wardrobe, The stone table stands as Moses's stone tablets/ Jesus's cross

if anyone could just throw out some things like that for me to help me withi my report which is worth like 20% of my mark that would be greatly appreciated. And please respond ASAP


Postby jo » 31 Oct 2006, 17:54

Well I am glad that you seem to have read it at least :). I think that the battle itself is meant to represent Armageddon, the last battle between good and evil which is supposed to take place on earth.
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Postby Sven » 31 Oct 2006, 21:12

Welcome, Stephanie!

You might do a little reading on the Theory of Forms and Platonism, too. Wikipedia has some info on both, enough to get you started. That will show you where Digory's comment about "it's all in Plato" comes from. After you learn something about them, think about what the Book of Hebrews says about the Temple and the High Priest.

Hope this helps.

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