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metaphors: "simmering pots of meaning"

metaphors: "simmering pots of meaning"

Postby Leesa » 08 Nov 2006, 04:03

If anyone could help me located the Lewis source for this quote, I'd be most appreciative.

Thank you,

Postby Sven » 08 Nov 2006, 23:48

Welcome, Leesa!

Lewis does use that phrase, but he isn't referring to metaphor when he uses it. He's discussing how the meaning of the word conscience shifted over time.

C. S. Lewis wrote:Conscience is thus left with a maze--or, better, a simmering pot--of meaning which we must now try to investigate.

Studies in Words
chapter 8 'Conscience and Conscious', section VI 'The Internal Lawgiver'

Hope this helps.

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