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How can I do to start a new topic of discusion

How can I do to start a new topic of discusion

Postby Friend » 19 Nov 2006, 07:14

I have recently started reading Lewis and have been very surprised by the explanations he gives of friendship and the meaning of real encounter. I also read The problem of pain and found much enlightening the descriptions of heaven and earth, I was looking for people who were willing to discuss and share ideas about this kind of topics. I find a lot about his fantastic literature in this web site but not much about his other books which I am willing to read and wanted to know if there are other people like me around there.
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Postby Sven » 19 Nov 2006, 12:16

Well, you seem to have the mechanics of starting a new thread down pat. Now you just need to decide which book or theme of his you'd like to discuss. If you look through the index, in addition to Narnia and the Space Trilogy, you'll see a forum for his apologetics and one under his name for everything else. Pick the forum that seems most applicable to your interest, and start a thread. If by chance there is a better forum to discuss the topic in than the one you picked, one of the moderators can always move it later.

Don't worry about the wording of your opening post too much. If it isn't clear, someone will ask questions to flesh out the topic. There's always a chance the thread will wander off in odd directions, but that happens with almost any topic. The main thing is, just go ahead and start a talk on what interests you. I think you'll find there are others who want to discuss the same thing.
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Postby A#minor » 19 Nov 2006, 18:26

Welcome! Just jump in anywhere, Friend! You'll find that we are a pretty friendly and forgiving bunch.
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