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C. S. Lewis' influences

C. S. Lewis' influences

Postby 09ahende » 08 Dec 2006, 17:47

i am currently writing a paper on C. S. Lewis. I am trying to prove that his works were greatly affected by the environment he grew up in. i am thinking that when he wrote the The chronicles of narnia, he was creating an alternate reality that was going through a war, like World War I. Am i alone in this assumption? Are there any sources that support me? please respond if you have any info or sources. Any thing would help
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Postby Sven » 08 Dec 2006, 20:20

Welcome, 09ahende!

Sorry, but I think you're on the wrong track. The movie version gives a mild impression that there a thematic link between the events in the first of the Narnia books and the World War, but that isn't the sort of thing Lewis was trying to accomplish. The most accessible source for his intentions for you would be his essay 'On Three Ways of Writing for Children', which is collected in the books Of Other Worlds, or Of This and Other Worlds, or On Stories. There is also some helpful things in his letters. If you are in United Kingdom you may have access to volume 3 of the Collected Letters where you can find something of aid via the Index. Unfortunately, if you are in the US, volume 3 has not been released here yet.

Hope this helps.

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Postby carol » 09 Dec 2006, 10:37

In addition to Sven's comments, Lewis had gone through (and been injured in, and sent home from) World War 1, before completing his university studies. That had been quite some time before he began writing the Narnia books.
He set the first one in the 1940 bombing raids on London, which were part of World War 2.

The aspects of his life that influenced his writing, apart from his faith and his professional knowledge, were probably personal - his upbringing, his bereavement at an early age, his bad boarding school experiences. I think a lot of his work came from within - the imagination, the stored memories of a great many books read over decades.
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Postby samcat » 10 Jan 2007, 21:59

i think you're wrong.
C.s Lewis merely wanted to write about animals.
the end.


Postby Tess Ph.D » 10 Jan 2007, 22:02

what are you talking about.
i think you need to grow up and make room for the real proffessors here.
go play somewhere else.
Tess Ph.D

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Postby john » 10 Jan 2007, 22:08

samcat wrote::D

Tess, samcat's "emoticon" indicates that he was being light and attempting some humor. It's quite alright, even if it wasn't necessarily funny. :wink:
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