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What happened to Susan?

What happened to Susan?

Postby JJ » 04 Jan 2007, 22:39

Does anyone know what happened to Susan in book 7 after everyone dies?

Postby loeee » 05 Jan 2007, 00:32

According to a letter that Lewis wrote to a young fan, Susan goes on living in this world and, while she had abandoned her "faith" (was no longer a friend of Narnia) she still had a chance of redemption some time in the future. There has been a great deal of speculation on this subject in the Narnia forum.
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Postby carol » 06 Jan 2007, 23:30

It is an ongoing topic of some popularity, in a number of Narnia discussion forums.
There are some people who are quite unhappy that Lewis seems to have pre-judged Susan, others who point out that Susan is not condemned, merely that she has made a choice and her exclusion from the events of The Last Battle reflects that choice. It does not, of course, mean that she has no opportunity to change her mind. She reflects the situation of many people who have left their faith and chosen a different lifestyle: they all still have the right to change their minds and return. It is a warning to us that it is possible to reject faith and miss out on good things.
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Postby curious guest » 19 Jan 2007, 00:57

Perhaps a good idea for fanfic, if any of you guys are into that. Although I'm sure it's been done before... :undecided:
curious guest

Postby Pete » 19 Jan 2007, 01:00

curious guest wrote:Perhaps a good idea for fanfic, if any of you guys are into that. Although I'm sure it's been done before... :undecided:

As long as it's not posted on here...because for copyright reasons John would rather us not post them on here. :wink:
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