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Question about the biography "Jack's Life" - worms

Question about the biography "Jack's Life" - worms

Postby Guest » 08 Jan 2007, 10:05

Can anyone tell me why the first chapter in Douglas Gresham's book about C.S. Lewis is entitled, "Early Days and Worms"? What does the word "worms" refer to (apparently nothing mentioned in the chapter)?

I should say that I am Danish, so it might refer to a saying or something in British or American culture which I am not familiar with.

Hope you can help!

Mette from Denmark

Postby ABC » 08 Jan 2007, 23:30

There`s a proverb that goes something like "the early bird catches the worm". Could the title be a reference to it? I haven`t read the book, so I don`t know if that makes sense in the context of the chapter.
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