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Postby knoxrox156 » 25 Jan 2007, 01:09

i am writing a report for school and i am confused. was lewis catholic or in the Church of England?

i thought he was catholic (and so did my mom and teacher) but an affiliated website on this one says differently.

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Postby Karen » 25 Jan 2007, 01:34

Lewis was an Anglican. You might be confusing him with Tolkien, who was Catholic.
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Postby alliebath » 25 Jan 2007, 13:15

However, in spite of his Northern Ireland upbringing (during which he rejected Christianity, and the Low Church Anglican Christianity of the Church of Ireland), Lewis, when he became a Christian, was an Anglo-Catholic or High Church Anglican of the Church of England (something very prominent in Oxford—where, of course, the Tractarian Oxford Movement starteted with Newman, Keble et al.) ‘Bells and smells’ in worship, as it sometimes called.
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Not High Church

Postby carol » 26 Jan 2007, 07:42

Sorry, but Lewis himself said he was neither High nor Low Church.

There seems to be a number of people who try to make him a catholic sympathiser, almost Catholic, or definitely High Church, but he was NOT.

Plenty of Cof E churches in England are higher church than the one I belong to, but they are still not High.
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