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Narnia paper

Narnia paper

Postby ctuck8 » 25 Apr 2007, 22:38

i have a write up to do on a movie and i picked the chronicles of narnia. i have only watched the movie and have not read the book. i am having trouble figuring out what to do as the topic and what i need to discuss. it only has to be a page or two.

Postby A#minor » 26 Apr 2007, 00:58

What kind of paper is it? A summary, an essay, a critique?
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Postby john » 26 Apr 2007, 01:00

Honestly, I think that you need to read the book. Reading the actual words will most likely help you resolve your own problem.
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Postby carol » 27 Apr 2007, 06:47

The book is excellent, but if you are writing about the movie, then I suggest you re-watch it several times and choose your subject from it. There are some different themes in it.
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An option

Postby burgert » 02 May 2007, 10:09

Here's an idea...You have to write a paper about a movie just released in which its roots were planted ages ago before we had the ability to develop the glorious special effects that the theatres today can display. The visual impact I'm sure is wonderful for those who have never read the book (written over 50 years ago), and is a pleasing yet efficient way to grasp what C.S. Lewis has written...or is it? Was his message or at least some of it lost throught the 2-hr viseral pleasure that was overwhelming on screen? Do people who read this classic time and again more clearly understand to some better degree, or even find more enjoyment in the words of such a book that somebody found necessary to produce for todays young audience? Maybe you will learn something from both reading and watching the movie that will convey a contemporary lesson on where we are shifting to as a society that thrives on superficially needs to entertain, rather than pick up on important messages. Good luck! I just think there is a lesson we can all learn from the many times we do this to classics. Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie, but imagine if our religeous or similarly profound titles and books were all at the check-out stand as new release $19.95 DVDs. :)
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Re: An option

Postby moordarjeeling » 17 May 2007, 00:37

burgert wrote: Was his message or at least some of it lost throught the 2-hr viseral pleasure that was overwhelming on screen?

That would be a good critique subject for someone who has time to get the book nd read it and maybe see the film again. Most of us read the book long before, and some of us find things missing in the film. Andrew Rilstone (who read the book years ago) had a great essay online about the differences. It would be good to get the view of someone who saw the movie first.

It would be great if he had time to make his own comparisons between movie and book, then compare his comparisons with Rilstone's!

I wonder if someone seeing the movie first and then reading the book will have better enjoyment of both, the book providing richer meanings than the movie. Or if the movie first will prevent getting the richer meanings from the book.
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Tell us about your paper results

Postby friendofaslan » 30 May 2007, 00:27

How did your paper turn out?

If I had seen your message earlier, I would have suggested doing a character analysis which is a common film analysis topic. Does a character have a dominant trait you can prove with key scenes or does a character change from the beginning to the end?

Let us know about your experience writing on this film.
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