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Screwtape Letters on stage

Screwtape Letters on stage

Postby maddogprof » 08 Jun 2007, 15:36

I am looking for "The Screwtape Letters" stage adaptation by Nigel Forde. I have searched every script publishing company that I know of and have come up with nothing. Can any help? Thanks!
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Postby Karen » 08 Jun 2007, 16:07

Neither Samuel French nor the Drama Book Shop in NYC have it, at least through their online searches. Therefore, it does not exist. :wink: You could get in touch with them and see if they can get hold of a copy for you:

Drama Book Shop:

Samuel French:
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Postby Sven » 08 Jun 2007, 19:18

Found the following information here:

Please note: we have been asked many times for copies of the script we used for this play. If you contact Riding Lights Theatre Company on or via, they can put you in touch with Nigel Forde, who adapted it. Do bear in mind that as well as requesting permission and paying royalties to Nigel, you will also need to ask permission and pay royalties to the CS Lewis Company, which handles the estate of CS Lewis. Unfortunately, we have no current contact details for them.

If Mr. Forde responds, he can probably give you the contact information for the appropriate person at C. S. Lewis Pte (the estate).
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screwtape nigel forde

Postby rebawh » 10 Jun 2007, 22:36

You must contact Nigel Forde directly. He may be reached through the
Riding Lights Theatre Company UK-

Riding Lights Theatre Company
Friargate Theatre
Lower Friargate

Postby carol » 16 Jul 2007, 04:31

Nothing wrong with using the usual address, found in the FAQ on this very site!!

The C.S. Lewis Co. Ltd.
First Floor
Unit 4, Old Generator House
Bourne Valley Road
Dorset BH12 1DZ

Best wishes!
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Postby john » 16 Jul 2007, 13:30

carol wrote:Nothing wrong with using the usual address, found in the FAQ on this very site!!

Well, how's about that? :wink:
john (aka DrZeus)
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Postby carol » 16 Jul 2007, 23:50

Yep, the people who run this site are pretty thorough! All sorts of gems up there in that menu.

:wink: Thanks, Dr Zeus!!
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