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Question about Eldilla/Valar

Question about Eldilla/Valar

Postby Guest » 15 Jul 2007, 19:03

Hey guys! I'm a huge Lewis,Tolkein, and Chesterton fan, so this site is really exiting for me.
The thing I wanted to ask your opinion about is this- both in the Space Trilogy and in the Simirallion is the idea that angels are sub-creators, or demi-gods. In the S. the Valar created Middle Earth, and in the S.T. they are each assigned a planet, and they have powers over the inhabitants there. I'm aware that the Valar had "the Flame Imperishable" (the Holy Spirit) and that there's a huge emphasis on God's greatness at the end of Perelandra, but just the thought of angels creating the world set off some red flags in my head. What are your opinions on this? Have I misinterpreted?
And thanks for opening up a questions thread to non members-I really appreciate this!

Postby Sven » 15 Jul 2007, 19:57

Welcome, Elisabeth!

I can't speak to Tolkien's work, but the Eldilla in the Space Trilogy didn't create the worlds. They are an interface of sorts between Maleldil and the hnau.

I think you may be misunderstanding the concept of 'sub-creation', it refers to the creation of worlds of the imagination, not physical worlds. You might want to read Dorothy Sayers' The Mind of the Maker for more information.

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Postby A#minor » 15 Jul 2007, 20:21

I don't think that the angels in Silmarillion created something from nothing as God did. They used materials that God had already made and helped to form them according to the will of God (according to the Song).

The idea of angels having limited power over the earth is actually quite Biblical since Revelation speaks of four angels who are in charge of the four winds of the earth from each point of the compass. Angels have jobs to do and responsibilities to carry out, and not just as messengers, minstrels, or warriors. Angels have been sent to guard gates, guard people, reveal the invisible, move rivers and mountains, or hold back rain and wind.

So Tolkien's idea that the angels helped to form and sustain the details of the earth (after God had completed the 6 days of creation) is entirely plausible.
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