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Celtic elments in Narnia

Celtic elments in Narnia

Postby poliahu » 10 Sep 2007, 01:27

This is the first time that I write in this site.

I am a graduate student in Japan. :read:
I study Lewis and Celtic and Norse elements in TheChronicle of Narnia.
Now, I looking for some monograph, essay or article that refer to the relationship between Lewis and Celtic and Norse myth.
If you know any writing, please tell me the title, the source or author.
I am fortunate that I found this helpful site!
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Postby ABC » 12 Sep 2007, 16:32

Hi Poliahu!

You might want to try Lewis's autobiographical "Suprised by Joy" - he talks quite a bit about his fascination with Norse mythology in his youth. A favourite book of his at the time was H.A. Guerber's "Myths of the Norsemen".

Good luck with your studies!
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Postby A#minor » 13 Sep 2007, 02:17

There's also several articles in the "Papers" section of this website that talk about Lewis' fascination with Norse mythology.

Here's one of them:
Myth Made Truth: The Origins of the Chronicles of Narnia
"He had always enjoyed ancient mythology, so he added to his kingdom of talking animals many characters from the classical tradition, including fauns, satyrs, centaurs, dryads, naiads, and many other mythical creatures. Even Bacchus, the Roman god of wine made a special appearance. From the Norse mythologies, Lewis incorporated giants and dwarves and the World Ash Tree."
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Thank you!

Postby poliahu » 18 Sep 2007, 04:45

Thank you for telling me about Suprised by Joy. I will read it again. :read:

Thank you for the reply. I think the article that you told me is one of important articles for my thesis. :smile:
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