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CS Lewis commnets on life affirming and denying religeons

CS Lewis commnets on life affirming and denying religeons

Postby PeterLondon » 23 Oct 2007, 14:16

Did CS Lewis spak about buddhism and norse mythology in terms

Buddhism one beeing basic a life denying religeon saying to escape the whell of life is the man goal
Norse religeon saying life is a great thing the ahherants beeing prone to excessive sensual behavior?

I think he did bu cant remember where

Postby carol » 24 Oct 2007, 07:03

Sorry, Peter, but I found it really hard to read your post, and I don't understand what you are asking.
Could you try re-stating it, perhaps breaking it up into parts?

[if this is for study purposes, have you looked in the Papers section on the menu?]
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