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Lewis quotations

Lewis quotations

Postby Doriane » 13 Dec 2007, 15:28

I need to find where exactly those two C.S.Lewis quotations come from:
-'Predestination and freedom were apparently identical. He could no longer see any meaning in the many arguments he had heard on this subject'. All is contained and resolved within the truth and mystery of God's sovereignty." I know it 's in Perelandra but I need the page.
-“Of course reality must be self-consistent; but till (if ever) we can see the consistency it is better to hold two inconsistent views than to ignore one side of the evidence . . . It is plain from Scripture that, in whatever sense the Pauline doctrine is true, it is not true in any sense which excludes its (apparent) opposite."
For this one I don't know the book.

Postby repectabiggle » 13 Dec 2007, 15:46

The first is from page 149 of this edition of Perelandra:

The second is apparently from page 413 of this book:
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