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C.S. Lewis & Evangelicals

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2008, 13:21
by spirit7
Is there any indication what Lewis would think about bible fellowships such as Calvary Chapel (dates from the 1960's California, Chuck Smith, etc.) I know he was very orthodox. Where would I look in his writings? Thank you for suggestions.

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2008, 14:13
by Sven
Welcome, Spirit7!

Lewis tried not to discuss specific denominations, or even specific theological traditions. Instead he focused on the things that nearly all Christians hold in common, mere Christianity. Many evangelicals certainly look to Lewis as an inspiration, witness the Wade Center at Wheaton College as a leading center of Lewis study in the U.S.

Of course, there is an enormous range of folks that identify with Lewis to the point of thinking of him as 'one of our own', from the Latter Day Saints to the Roman Catholics.

You might try reading his book Reflections on the Psalms, especially the next to last chapter, 'Scripture'.