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Postby Guest » 12 Mar 2008, 01:13

What inspiried C.S. Lewis?? :??:

Postby Pete » 12 Mar 2008, 01:20

Have you read his auto-biography Surprised by Joy or any biographies about him? If not - I suggest you should. That'll give you answers to your question. :wink:

You can find information and books both by and about Lewis on this site, in areas like bio, works, papers, other resources and of course the bookstore.

By the way, one of the obvious things that inspired Lewis, clearly - because he wrote so much about it, was his Christian faith.
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Postby carol » 12 Mar 2008, 19:38

Guest, if this is school work, could I suggest that the best way to use a website is to look at the material on it, NOT to ask questions on the forum.

If this is not a homework question, and you genuinely want to know about Lewis, you have chosen the best site on the Internet - look through the Bio above, and then check out a good Christian bookshop - happy reading!
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