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who was the 1st member of the pevensie family 2go2 narnia?

who was the 1st member of the pevensie family 2go2 narnia?

Postby PORTUGUESE » 05 Jun 2008, 22:30

hey guys, i'm sorry for bothering you with this... but can u please answer me this question... tks!
it's for a paper work i'm doing ...

Postby Pete » 06 Jun 2008, 01:59

Umm...why are you doing a paper on something you clearly haven't read... :??:
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Postby A#minor » 06 Jun 2008, 04:49

Do your own homework, please. :smile:
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Postby Guest » 06 Jun 2008, 18:12

Peter first, then Susan. Then Jack, and Kate followed. The last five were Charlie, Hugo, John, Sayid, and Sawyer.

Postby john » 06 Jun 2008, 18:21

^ It's one thing to ask somebody to do the work to answer their own question, but quite another to mock them by feeding false information.
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