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Prince Caspian Movie: Where do I go to complain?

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2008, 19:53
by UnRegistered
I actually enjoyed the first Narnia movie. It had a few silly things that I would rather do without. But I even appreciated the director's creative license in adding the bombing scene, and a couple of other things.

I liked Prince Caspian, right up until he fell off his horse and blew the horn. (I even liked the raid on the castle, which wasn't in the book.) Not only was that out of sequence, being out of sequence also did major damage to the plot.

I've always assumed that a book was popular because it struck a chord with the readers. They actually enjoyed the point the author was making, or just the way he told a story. But after seeing Prince Caspian, I felt like quipping: "Well, it's a good thing they're filtering out all that stupid stuff about the Lion!"

They almost missed the entire theme of Lucy's faith in Aslan in the face of her sibling's disbelief. They certainly botched the waking of the trees. They were supposed to look like woody people wading through the grassy turf like people in the water. They were supposed to be a massive, joyfully dancing army -- not a few creepy things. And Aslan's transformation of the nearby town wasn't even mentioned. There was nothing of the whole debate Caspian went through over whether or not, or even when, to use their secret weapon (Susan's horn), and the issues of faith in "myths" that brought up.

Where do I go to complain?

How does one get Hollywood and Disney to actually READ the books they destro--- um ----turn into movies?

I suppose I'll just have to be a good American capitalist and vote with my dollars . . . by not buying the DVD. I consider the $7.50 at the theatre to be lost.

Re: Prince Caspian Movie: Where do I go to complain?

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2008, 20:15
by john
UnRegistered wrote:Where do I go to complain?

You just did...right here. :)

Alternatively, you can register and go to this thread to commiserate:

If you're looking for an official contact of some sort...well...perhaps somebody else could help with that (I run a "C. S. Lewis" site, not a "Narnia Movies" site, I don't know these things), but I can almost guarantee that your criticism will not be anything new to them...if they even care. :ashamed:

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2008, 20:28
by UnRegistered
Sometimes I think the world is dying of mediocrity and apathy.

But I suppose there's another website for that kind of subject, too . . . :toothy-grin:

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2008, 20:31
by john
UnRegistered wrote:Sometimes I think the world is dying of mediocrity and apathy.

Ah, come now. Don't sweat the small stuff. :wink:

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2008, 10:58
by carol
Could I suggest to your visitor that if he is about to watch a film made from a beloved book, he might look at some websites that give information about the adaptation, to help prepare himself for the changes that will be inevitable?

The sister site Narniaweb, specialising in the books and the movies being made by Walden Media (note, not Disney), has four and a half years worth of news, information, interviews and announcements on these very topics.

I am sorry that your visitor did not find the changes in the book-to-screen process easy to cope with. Knowing there would be some plot changes (eg to avoid half a book worth of back story and walking through forests) might have been useful to him.

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2008, 15:15
by john
carol wrote:Could I suggest to your visitor...

Are you addressing me, or the person who posted? :confused:

PostPosted: 07 Jul 2008, 10:17
by Pete
john wrote:Are you addressing me, or the person who posted? :confused:

I think you'll find the "your" is you and the "visitor" is the person who posted. :wink: