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An interesting Podcast to think about

Re: An interesting Podcast to think about

Postby rusmeister » 02 Jul 2009, 09:52

postodave wrote:Hi Rus
I really need to give you an idea of the kind of thing Metropolitan Mar Gregorios was talking about and you can decide what categories you would like to put them in. To me thinking and speaking is always thinking and speaking about something, unless you are saying you could learn the techniques of logic and rhetoric from Lewis and Chesterton which I'm sure you could but not sure why you would want to.
Here's a sample from the metropolitan:
'I have learned from the Jains . . . that all statements are conditional and qualified truth, which have to be supplemented and completed by other truths . . . I have learned from the Buddhists that all epistemology is finally without basis.'

Does that help. He's not that interested in debate you see. I find his approach to his faith is opposite to yours in almost every respect as I think you will begin to realise if you read some of his work. For example where you say the Orthodox Church is the only community an Orthodox Christian should be interested in belonging to he would say it is vital for Christians to participate in other spiritual communities and cites Lewis's old friend Bede Griffiths as an example of this. So yes I am certain he would say it would be possible for Orthodox Christians to deepen their salvation theology by understanding the perspective different religious traditions have on salvation. Well don't take my word check out his web site.

All I can say about the metropolitan is that some of that thought could lead to heresy - specifically the bit on epistemology. If we don't accept revelation from God as a basis, at the very least, then we have already departed from Orthodoxy. If his thoughts lead to conclusions that suggest that Orthodox philosophy is baseless, then I'd say he's in real trouble, and so is his flock.
it is vital for Christians to participate in other spiritual communities
Vital? That is simply nonsense. Useful in learning dialog with other faiths? of course.

The thing from the Jains, though, doesn't contradict Orthodoxy. But that can be found within Orthodoxy. There's no need to go elsewhere to discover that.

Your understanding of my position
the Orthodox Church is the only community an Orthodox Christian should be interested in belonging to
should be clarified to mean 'the only community he should be interested in learning theology - true Faith - from'. But if he wants to study things like thought processes, communication or anything in the general humanities, he can learn from any reasonable source. The one thing it cannot do is attempt to instruct the Orthodox Faith. if the metropolitan's ideas add up to that, then that's heresy. I encourage you to look at what all the other metropolitans say, and how his ideas square up with theirs. We do have loose cannons in the Church, or more accurately, people with 'loose cannon' ideas here and there. You cannot take any one speaker's position in isolation. If they are an exception to their entire Church, then that tells you where they stand. Alone.

(Edit) Having looked up this metropolitan, I can tell you that he was part of the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church, which is non-canonical, and not in communion with the Eastern Orthodox Church. That, to me, explains why he had such un-Orthodox ideas.
I don't see his writings as authoritative. There may be useful things to learn there, but they are not to be relied on to reveal Orthodox truth.
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