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Perelandra Chap. 5 - pt. 2

An archived study of the second book of Lewis' theological science fiction Space Trilogy.

Perelandra Chap. 5 - pt. 2

Postby Kanakaberaka » 20 Nov 2004, 06:48

The conversation between Ransom and the Green Lady continues...

The Green Lady tells Ransom about the younger, smaller planets which surprizes him since it is impossible to see out of the cloudy atmosphere of Perelandra into space. Ransom asks her how she knows of this. With a childlike smile she replies that Maleldil is telling her. Not simply told her in a past time. This seems to imply a continual contact or communion with God. It makes me wonder what the voice of Maleldil sounds like to her. It also reminds me of the experiences of insane Terrestrial people whe hear voices.
The Green Lady goes on to inform Ransom that since Maleldil visited our world, all sentient beings would be made in the human image. Ransom then asks her if she knows why Maleldil came to our world. She replies yes, but adds that it is not the reason we Thulcandrans are familiar with. She goes on to say that there is a reason she knows which we can not know and another reason which she can not know. It has me wondering what it is about the Incarnation of God that could be so differenent to people from differennt worlds. We regard the birth of Jesus as the begining of our salvation from sin. Since the Green Lady knows nothing of sin, that must be the reason she does not understand the meaning of The Word Incarnate to us. But what could the Incarnation mean to an unfallen race?
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Re: Perelandra Chap. 5 - pt. 2

Postby a_hnau » 20 Nov 2004, 09:21

Kanakaberaka wrote:But what could the Incarnation mean to an unfallen race?

I have a glimmer of understanding on this. Genesis 3:8 says that the Lord God 'walked in the garden [of Eden] in the cool of the day', and that Adam and Eve heard the sound of his approach and hid. This implies that before the Fall, God could and did make himself present to humankind very much as the Oyeresu do to Tor and Tinidril at the end of Perelandra - of course, God has no need of Ransom to help him choose a form suitable to human eyes. In the Bible, there are a number of places where (seemingly) God appears in human form to people - see the account of the three visitors to Abraham in Genesis 18. But generally where God is directly present to people after the Fall, it is an awesome and frightening theophany (see Exodus 19).

With this background, I can start to grasp how Tinidril feels about Maleldil becoming a real human being, not just an apparition. Think about Mary Magdalene and how Jesus has gently to tell her not to grasp hold of him when he returns to her after his resurrection. Or how Jane starts to feel about Ransom, and he has to caution her. Since the Green Lady is unfallen, she can experience all these feelings and imagine the joy of having Maleldil with her in flesh and blood, without falling victim as Mary and Jane do to their fallen human desire to hold and possess for oneself.

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