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An archived study of the first book in Lewis' theological science fiction Space Trilogy.

New forum

Postby john » 16 May 2006, 09:58

Hello and welcome!

Okay, the appearance of this forum requires a bit of explaining...

Some time ago, when the forums were in a different format, we had a book study for Out of the Silent Planet, facilitated by our own Kanakaberaka. The success of the study prompted him to work very hard to repost it into the new format for all to enjoy.

We decided to open it up, rather lock the threads, to allow additional discussion on each chapter. I'll keep it open for awhile, I think, and then lock it down and add it to the archives.

On a final note, you'll notice that the chapters are currently (as of this posting) listed from last to first. That is because of the way the forums work...with the newest posts going to the top. So just scroll to the bottom and work your way up. :)
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