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Ch 2d: pp 19-21 (end of chapter)

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Ch 2d: pp 19-21 (end of chapter)

Postby Stanley Anderson » 09 Mar 2007, 17:05

The first paragraph about how the medieval model is based not on what an in-depth analysis of the history of thought and such might reveal, but simply what works were available to them -- “almost accidental contributors” as Lewis says. This brings to my mind (in an admittedly more stream-of-consciousness manner rather than a well-thought-out analysis) the part in THS where the company at St Annes (and primarily Grace Ironwood), is not terribly interested in analyzing Jane’s dreams from a psychological point of view or how they affect her, but are using them purely as information, not wanting to “contaminate” them with outside ideas.

…on a night of rain Frodo smelled a sweet fragrance on the air and heard the sound of singing that came over the water. And then it seemed to him that as in his dream in the house of Bombadil, the grey rain-curtain turned all to silver glass and was rolled back, and he beheld white shores and beyond them a fair green country under a swift sunrise.
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