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LOTR Character Test

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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby Adam Linton » 02 Jan 2006, 03:32

My results from ilja's test:

"You are most like Elrond. Although you are very serious, you're not above having a good time. It's just that your definition of a good time is pretty different from other people's. You're very smart, so use your knowledge to help others! At least you're not so pessimistic. People may think you're hard nosed, but all your friends know better."
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby nomad » 02 Jan 2006, 05:39

I was Eowyn on both of them.

And Gandalf on the geocities one.

I like that result.
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby JennaDean » 02 Jan 2006, 06:17

I'm Celeborn in the first, and Arwen in the second. I think Mornamoice had the same answers?!

Oh, and I came out as Frodo in the Geocities one! Wow! Unexpected!

As for the Two Towers, I enjoyed it even more than the Fellowship of the Ring, so jump right in! (Of course you must have already started it by now....)
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby Jill Pole » 11 Jan 2006, 02:58

First one, Celeborn

Second one, Arwen

I have taken numerous personality tests for LotR and I always turn out as an elf. The only test I've taken where I wasn't an elf was when I took a test of which hobbit you would be. I'm usually Arwen or Galadriel. I'm not sure where Celeborn came from. :rolleyes:

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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby *~Diamond in the Rough~* » 11 Jan 2006, 06:54

Arwen :pleased: in the first and Elrond in the second LOL Funny! I am both father and daughter...hmmm...sounds like therapy may be needed :p
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby Messenger_of_Eden » 27 Feb 2006, 01:46

I am Arwen too :) (both times)
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby YHWH_is_Semper_Fi » 27 Feb 2006, 02:08

in the first one, i was Arwen until i decided to include that i have a beard (or would have one, if it weren't always shaved off), which put me as Aragorn.

this was true for both of the first two surveys.

i then tried the geocities one and again came up as Aragorn.

So, I guess that I must be sort of like him.
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby Malthenlass » 02 Mar 2006, 20:38

I am Legolas...hmmm...
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby Mithwen » 17 Apr 2006, 22:29

I was Elrond. On most other tests like this I was Eowyn.
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby wingedllama » 17 May 2006, 02:41

I'm Arwen!?!?!?!?!

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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby bekados » 17 May 2006, 02:55

Celeborn on the first and Arwen on the second. I *really* wanted to be Eowyn...but I am just not eager for battle.
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby Sheyla » 18 May 2006, 02:29

I'm Arwen in the first two and then I'm... Frodo but they're all cool so!
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby VixenMage » 18 May 2006, 03:35

Hmmmm... Legolas the first time, Arwen the second. Odd.

I think the tests might be more accurate if there were more questions involved.
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby woodelk » 26 Sep 2006, 20:34

:idea: I agree more questions please! In the meantime...
I am Celeborn. Would like to see myself more like Eowyn.
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re: LOTR Character Test

Postby ArdenZ » 27 Sep 2006, 19:15

In both tests I came out to be Merry. Hmm...
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