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What's YOUR Middle-Earth Address?

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Postby Shadowland Dweller » 28 Mar 2008, 21:32

Rivendell or Lothlorien

I love the tree's and the creativity that goes into the architecture of both places and would train to be a warrior elf, because I love my peace and quiet but also like the idea of kick butt :wink:
I don't remember if there were any job descriptions for the elves, but I think I would be a smithy or such.
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Postby rumzy » 04 Apr 2008, 18:10

I like home and friends and good food, so at first I thought I'd live somewhere in the shire, perhaps in the rebuilt Bagshot Row. But the Shire is terribly far from all the really interesting places like Fanghorn and Mirkwood. I suppose they are within visiting distance.
The Shire it is.
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Postby Lioba » 17 Apr 2008, 07:27

I would like to live in the Old Forest and travel from time to time to hmm.
where´s the next library?-Rivendell, I think. :smile:
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the house of Tom Bombadil

Postby ainulindale » 09 Jun 2008, 21:02

I would live as close as possible to, if not inside, the house of Tom Bombadil. :)
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Postby paladin1420 » 14 Aug 2008, 01:08

I am a city boy, so I guess I would be most comfortable in Minas Tirith. But I reserve the right to visit many of the other places mentioned in this thread.

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Postby Tumnus's Books » 31 Aug 2008, 01:42

The Grey Havens in anticipation of the ban on man from Valinor being lifted. I want to be at the head of that queue!

Great answer, that. For myself, anywhere near the Green Dragon for a good pint at the end of the day...or two...
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Postby Wormwood Scrubb » 04 Sep 2008, 15:48

After toying with the idea of Harad, (I always wanted to know what those other wizards got up to) I think I'll plump for a Lorien tree-house. If I want to visit as much of Middle Earth as I can in a lifetime, it's a good place to start, nice and central and close to the Anduin for the fastest form of transport available. :smile:
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