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Cambridge Companion

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2010, 17:41
by Sven
I just received my copy of the new Cambridge Companion to C. S. Lewis. I'm going to take my time reading it, but I'll post the contents below, and if anyone has a question on a specific chapter post it. I posted this on the Facebook group, too, which would probably be the best place to continue any discussion of the new book.

Contents (chapter title followed by author):

Introduction Robert MacSwain

Part 1. Scholar
Literary critic John Fleming
Literary theorist Stephen Logan
Intellectual historian Dennis Danielson
Classicist Mark Edwards

Part 2. Thinker
On scripture Kevin Vanhoozer
On theology Paul Fiddes
On naturalism Charles Taliaferro
On moral knowledge Gilbert Meilaender
On discernment Joseph Cassidy
On love Caroline Simon
On gender Ann Loades
On power Judith Wolfe
On violence Stanley Hauerwas
On suffering Michael Ward

Part 3. Writer
The Pilgrim's Regress and Surprised by Joy David Jasper
The Ransom Trilogy T. A. Shippey
The Great Divorce Jerry Walls
The Chronicles of Narnia Alan Jacobs
Till We Have Faces Peter Schakel
Poet Malcolm Guite

Re: Cambridge Companion

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2010, 05:06
by nomad
No questions, but what's great about that list of contents is that it shows just how diverse Lewis' writings are.

Re: Cambridge Companion

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2010, 17:10
by Matthew Whaley
I've got to get me a copy soon even if I have to borrow one from the library.