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Hallmark channel C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia

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Hallmark channel C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia

Postby flockherder » 12 Dec 2005, 18:57 ... 4#showtime

Did anyone see this story based on lewis's life. It seem to have been well done. I really hope they choose to replay it!

Here is a review I found

Dec. 09, 2005

C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia
By Marilyn Moss
Bottom line: A splendid look at the life of C.S. Lewis that imaginatively blends documentary with dramatic interpretation.

9-10 p.m., Friday, Dec. 9
Hallmark Channel

Lucky for us that any hoopla surrounding the theatrical release of C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" has spilled over to the small screen -- enough to give us the wonderfully intelligent "C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia," an exploration of a different sort of Lewis the man. This biography/dramatic reenactment of Lewis' life is stirring, smart and energetic. It should be good inspiration to head for the big screen or look up books on the man.

Writer-director Norman Stone creates a full-blooded account of Lewis, the author of "Narnia," one of the world's most beloved (and best-selling) children's books that has likewise fascinated adults since its publication in 1950. The one-hour telecast is part documentary, with on-camera interviews with Lewis scholars and family members and friends, and part dramatic interpretation of Lewis' life. This is a great combination of forms, giving us a personal glimpse of the man as well as a chronicle that situates him in his historical times.

Anton Rodgers plays Lewis when the telecast re-enacts the writer's life. Rodgers is there at the start, talking to the audience, uttering charming ruminations on the nature of drama, the imagination and the wonderment in a child's fertile mind. Lewis is setting up the imaginative landscape for his "Narnia" tales, and it's charming to watch. Stone creates beautiful and moving dialogue here, and Rodgers is adept at fleshing out Lewis the dreamer and literary genius.

As the telecast continues to recount the events of Lewis' life, we know (especially if we've seen the terrific film of the same subject, "Shadowlands") that eventually we'll meet Lewis' great love, American poet Joy Gresham (played her with delicate emotional nuance by Diane Venora). Gresham came into Lewis' life in the 1950s when he already was in his 60s; their love affair and marriage were relatively brief because Gresham succumbed to cancer a few years into the relationship.

As the telecast moves easily between documentary and dramatic re-enactment, a picture of Lewis emerges that reinforces his genius for understanding the workings of youthful imagination. His stories, very much like this beautifully drawn portrait of the man, recount just how much the land of make-believe like "Narnia" exists as a way to reconcile the more painful realities of life.

Hallmark Channel
Produced for Faith & Values Mediaby Windborne Prods. in association with Lightworks Producing Group

Teleplay-director: Norman Stone
Executive producers: Edward J. Murray, William Spencer Reilly, Jeffrey C. Weber
Co-executive producer: Kenneth Cavander
Producer: Karen Pascal
Production designer: Roger Murray-Leach
Casting by: Susie Bruffin
C.S. Lewis: Anton Rodgers
Joy Gresham: Diane Venora
The Great Knock: John Franklyn-Robbins
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Re: Hallmark channel C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia

Postby matdonna » 13 Nov 2009, 05:12

I had to search a little, but I knew there must be a thread on this here somewhere. You can now watch this for free online.
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