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Lewis and Dostoevsky

The man. The myth.

Postby Karen » 10 Apr 2008, 13:29

Just came across this, on Galatians 4, by the Puritan theologian William Perkins:

There is but one full and intire sense of every place of scripture, and that is also the literal sense...To make many senses of scripture is to overturn all sense, and to make nothing certen. It may be said, that the historie of Abrahams familie here propounded, hath beside his proper and literall sense, a spiritual or mysticall sense. I answer, they are not two senses, but two parts of one full and intire sense. For not onely the bare historie, but also that which is therby signified, is the full sense of the holy Ghost.
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Postby Jservic2 » 18 Sep 2008, 15:22

and I was half expecting to find some insight to Dostoevsky.... I should have known better.
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