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Frederica Mathewes-Green on C.S. Lewis

The man. The myth.

Postby rusmeister » 01 Nov 2008, 02:51

postodave wrote:Hi Rus

You might find this interesting
I think it's by Michael Morbey who is the best informed Calvinist commentator on Orthodoxy I am aware of.
Meanwhile I am in this 'Doctrine of the Church' discussion with Mitch where I have to keep saying things like, 'Rus didn't say that' or 'You've misunderstood Rus.' which I think he has but if you want to show up and say, 'no I really did say that no one outside the Orthodox Church can have a relationship with God' then that would shut me up. But you didn't actually say that did you?

I'll see if I can pop in and at least respond to actual false understandings of the Orthodox position. But I am finding time squeezing me harder, and I will probably have to reduce my internet time if I want to retain what many here might call "my walk with God" - that's why I haven't jumped into it. (It was also a little irksome that the thread was moved complete with responses to my comments without my knowledge - as far as I was concerned, the conversation had ended.)

One principle that I have down solid now - if you want to understand what a faith teaches, you have to get it from the horse's mouth, and in context. Otherwise you do not have the best understanding of 'your opponent's' position and are much more liable to make mistakes yourself when talking about other faiths.
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Postby postodave » 01 Nov 2008, 13:59

Hi Rus

Unfortunately you can't respond to the post in that link because it seems to have been removed from its original context and left floating in cyberspace.

You might enjoy this though which I think covers similar ground:

The guy who wrote this is a friend of a friend which is how I came to read it. Thanks for joining in on the discussion with Mitch. I like Mitch because he defends a very libertarian individualistic form of protestantism but does no very well. He always knows exactly what he thinks. I think my own understanding of protestantism is truer to the spirit of the Reformation but these things are always matters of judgment. I don't think there are any clear or easy answers to the big questions about what the Church is. John Robinson once said theology is a contradiction in terms because it is reasoning about mystery - well you could say the same about ecclesiology.
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