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a question about the BBC Shadowlands

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a question about the BBC Shadowlands

Postby Adam Linton » 21 Jun 2009, 23:44

Anyone here able to help me with this?

The currently available copies of the BBC version of Shadowlands (with Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom) come in 90 minute and 73 minute versions (this last being unfortunately way too abbreviated, in my view).

The first time I saw the BBC Shadowlands (a 1985 television presentation) was in the late 80s (when my family and I lived outside Boston) on the Boston area PBS station. I'm quite sure that this version was a two full hours--containing scenes not even in the 90 minute version--but which I later immediately recognized in the American Shadowlands (Anthony Hopkins and Deborah Winger)--such as the trip to the Golden Valley and the "room service" episode from the hotel.

Has my memory been playing tricks with me all these years? (Yes, I've read the play, but not until after having seen both movies.) Or does someone here know of the original TV version being longer than either of its later video offerings? And, if so, a source for the longer version?

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