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Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2010, 23:36
by matdonna

Re: Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2010, 16:45
by Larry W.
Perhaps there are more books written about C.S. Lewis than any other author except Shakespeare. I wonder if the number of books about Lewis has now exceeded the number that he actually wrote. :smile:

I think it's good thing since you can find almost any information you need about your favorite author. :smile:

Larry W.

Re: Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2010, 20:46
by malcolmguite
Its an interesting point about the number of books about Lewis perhaps exceeding the number he himself has written. One part of me thinks that he himself would feel deeply uncomfortable and embarrassed by this and wish instead that all these books could have been written, not about him but about the substantial things he cared about and defended; Faith, objective values, the literary tradition that runs from Homer to the end of the 19th Century. But then another part of me recognises that many of the best books ostensibly about Lewis are really about the things he cared about most, and form, for some readers, their first introduction to the earlier writers and ideas that formed Lewis's mind. Michael Ward;s excellent Planet Narnia is a case in point, its more about everything Lewis loved than it is about Lewis himself. Anyway I think the Cambridge companion will have as many signposts pointing back from Lewis to all that formed him, as it will have avenues into the man himself. It should also restore the balance in favour of Lewis as Scholar, Philosopher, and Poet to complement all the stuff on him as Apologist and Children's writer.

Re: Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2010, 22:55
by Jim Motter
Yes, there are many more books about CS Lewis than books by him. He wrote around 40 books, but there are around 200 or more books about him available. I must have well more than half of them in my own collection, with six more soon to be delivered. Sadly, at $83, this new Cambridge Companion to CS Lewis is not one of them.

Many of these books about Lewis are exceptional, and provide meaningful insights into the man and his ideas. Still, there is nothing more enlightening than simply to read his books.

Re: Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2010, 07:56
by chrimarnz
According to Amazon, "The Cambridge Companion to C. S. Lewis" will be available in paperback for $29.99.

I don't have a problem with most of the large amount of secondary literature published to date. There always seems to be people out there unearthing new insights from Lewis' work. Some of it goes quite unoticed. A case in point is Adam Barkman. Barkman's "C. S. Lewis and Philosophy as a Way of Life" was published last year. An in depth and very stimulating work yet I struggled to find any comment about it online beyond the Amazon reviews. :thinking: